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2011-10-12 04:12 pm


Meet Hailee Truit.
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2011-10-02 05:57 pm

Barn : Intro

I moved the second family in today.
These two are yet to be married, but are very close. They plan to get married somewhere beautiful.
I realized that in my last post, I didn't say the town name. I named it Lorien. Based off of that book, I Am Number Four.
I just finished the book. And I loved it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.(;
Anywho, click that link below to continue on to the pictures! :DD
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2011-10-01 11:35 pm

Cook : Intro


I got the first family moved into the town today. When I rolled, I got two. So, I only have one more household to create.
Pictures and words are to follow the cut. So click it(:

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2011-10-01 04:10 pm

My VERY Simple BACC Rules.

I decided to give that famous BAC Challenge a try. But after looking through the rules, I had second thoughts. After thinking through my decision, I decided to make my own pair of revised rules. Meaning that mine are not as nearly as detailed as the original. I'm not very good with keeping track of how many people there are. So, mine has no deadline. You can stop whenever and wherever you feel like you'd like to. But, before I get into detail, how about I share with you my great deal of revisions?

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2011-09-16 08:23 pm

I Got A Dreamwidth!

 Some of you may know me from livejournal and/or pixel trade.
Or perhaps somewhere else.(:
However it is that you ended up here, I'm glad that you did!
I have nothing to say at the moment. D: Stay tuned though!!