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Cook : Intro


I got the first family moved into the town today. When I rolled, I got two. So, I only have one more household to create.
Pictures and words are to follow the cut. So click it(:

Megan Cook(ie) by lilith-sims over at live journal.
Romance. Become a Hall Of Famer.
Likes Blondes and Brunettes. But not in swimsuits.
She's Mean, neat, lazy, outgoing, and playful.(:

The ugly part of the house, the outside.

The couch-area. ( As I call it. )

Dining area. ( And a bit of the entry rack. )

The ever so boring kitchen. ):
I'm working on finding some good shelves. And deco for the kitchens.
Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated!

The bedroom. ( I love the little corner there. A LOT.(: )

And well, that's it. The house is just that small.(: The only bathroom wasn't shown, but it is downstairs, connected to the kitchen.