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I decided to give that famous BAC Challenge a try. But after looking through the rules, I had second thoughts. After thinking through my decision, I decided to make my own pair of revised rules. Meaning that mine are not as nearly as detailed as the original. I'm not very good with keeping track of how many people there are. So, mine has no deadline. You can stop whenever and wherever you feel like you'd like to. But, before I get into detail, how about I share with you my great deal of revisions?

*Getting Started*

To begin your challenge, you need to roll to see how many households you will start with. Use Random.org and set the highest to be four. The household will start off with that 20,000 simolions that everyone always gets. ( Or a tiny bit more depending on if it's a single person, a couple, or a family of more. ) This is the only time you'll be able to create a full family. ( Meaning more than two people. ) Because after this, you'll have to start with one or two people ONLY. I personally prefer to start with just one or two people per household, so they'll interact more with the people around them. Learning who is their type and who isn't. Each household will be played for a week exactly. From Monday, 8 AM to Monday, 7:59 AM. Rotations must be played in order to correctly do this challenge.(:


This section of the rules is probably far-most the easiest of them all. There are just a few ways to add to your population.
Most of these ways are quite difficult, and do take time. But, this creates length in the challenge.

Adding to your population:
The population is the amount of households in the town. ( In this case.) With my revised rules, you have three different ways to add a new household. And for each household, you only have two different types of families to choose from. These two different types of families are a single adult/young adult, or a couple.
  • The founder (meaning the person(s) you first move into the house) must become and elder and die of a natural cause. Meaning of old age. And only because of old age. Death resulting in a fire, satellite, hunger, fright, etc. will not get you a new household.
  • Any household must have a home business that has reached the top rank. (Meaning that the business is rated 10.) Anything below that will not earn you a new household. If you reach the top rank and then loose it, you still get the household. But next time you reach it you won't get another.
  • The final way to get an extra household is to have a single household reach 5 or higher. ( You will NOT get an extra household for each new family member after 5. EX. You'll still have one new household if you have 5, 6, 7, or 8. Instead of having one at 5, two at 6, three at 7, etc.
*Getting Money*

All sims require money. No matter what. They need money to pay for bills, they need money to buy upgrades on their houses. They need money to buy groceries for their families. They need money for absolutely everything, just like we do in the real world.

Earning more community lots:
Community lots are a store, or a place where townies can get together and know each other. Community lots may not be run by the government. This meaning that all community lots must be self owned, by any individual sim(s). This includes all grocery stores, clothing stores, clubs, bars, etc. must be owned by a household in the neighborhood. There is only one way to earn a community lot(s), and that is to have one of the sims from any household purchase a community lot. They can do this either over the phone, or online. Once the first owned community lot opens, everything must be bought from there. Such as all furniture must be bought from a furniture shop instead  of the catalogue. All groceries must be bought in store instead of over the phone. ETC.( I'm pretty sure that one's self explanatory, so no bullets.(: If you don't have OFB, you'll have to think up your own rules for this section. Or just not worry about it. )

Newspaper careers:
Newspaper careers are careers ( jobs ) that you can find on the internet or in the daily newspaper. These jobs are pretty easy to earn. But, earning a specific career may take some time. Especially in the beginning of the creation of the city. You start off with one job opening. This first Career is open to anybody, but only five people may obtain it. For further information on the careers, look below at the bullets.
  • Military Career - This career is the first open amongst the others. It has the lowest pay top pay of them all, only coming to 1138 simolions a day. The top rank is a General. Once you reach the General, you may have that sim ( or another sim. ) have the next career. ( The bullet below this one. )
  • Law Enforcement - This is the next career in the list. This should be the first career you unlock. The top pay is 1225 simolions a day. The top rank is a Captain Hero. Once you reach the Captain Hero, you may have that sim ( or another sim. ) have the next career. ( The next bullet.)
  • Politics - This is the third career. The second career that should be unlocked is this one. Once you reach the top rank, you will be able to work for the next career. Your top rank would be the Mayor, and you would be payed 1313 simolions each day you work. ( You should know to go to the next bullet now. )
  • Slacker - The third career you can unlock is the slacker career. Once you unlock the third career, you may choose which one you'd like to choose next. But, the first three ( Law Enforcement, Politics, and Slacker careers ) must be in the order I have said before any other career is available to be chosen.

Obtaining a pet:

Many people like to obtain pets, including myself. I think that they complete any family. In the beginning, you only have one choice if you want a pet. And that is to adopt a stray. So, that means no adopting dogs or cats from the pound. They must all be found on the street. When you have five households that own a stray, you may adopt a pet from the pound. ( By using the telephone. ) ( If you have two dogs/cats in a household, then you'd only have ONE household that owns a stray. Where as if two households have one cat/dog then you have TWO households that owns a stray. )

Pet careers:
Pet careers are another easy way to get money.
You may choose one career you'd like to start off with. Once a pet finishes that career, then you may choose another ( resulting in 2 open careers ), and so on.

Hm. And well that seems to be it.
A LOT more simple, says I.(:
Since I am NOT a challenge creator, please let me know if I forgot something.

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