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Meet Hailee Truit.
Hailee Truit,
Earth's beauty is fading away rather quickly. It's blue waters are turning into pools of acidic substances. It's bright green grasses are disappearing quicker and quicker beneath our feet each day. Our precious land is being lost due to the mounds of bottled beer, canned soda, crumpled paper, and any other kind of trash there is. Rats are multiplying before our eyes, stealing all of our food. Gardens are getting harder and harder to maintain. We are here to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. There is a planet, named Lorien. This planet has all the beauty that Earth had so many years ago. Life will be tough at first, but it will become easier as the next few years pass. If you accept our offer,  you will need to make one promise to us. You must document every aspect of life on this new planet. Every new thing you see you must tell us. You must tell us how you and the others are getting along. You must tell us what it looks like. Pictures are a must. Meet us down by the launch site with all your clothes in bags to attend. You are lucky. One out of a million. Take this offer. It could save your life.
- The Capitol.

 Hi, I'm Hailee Truit.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been interested in mechanics.

Building robots seemed like something fit for me. After all, I was pretty much raised by two of them. My parents were always on the go. Whether it was traveling across the country, or just working long nights. All this alone time with just robots got me interested. I dissected Mrs. Smith, as I called her, to see how she really worked. A bunch of gears and bolts was all it was to me when I was ten. But as I grew up into a teenager, I'd take her apart again and teach myself how to make another one. When I was fifteen, I made Mr. Smith. He had too many problems to actually function, but he was my own creation. My first creation too.

When I accepted this mission from the Capitol, I decided I was done with Mr. and Mrs. Smith and packed them away.
But then I moved onto a simpler project - toys.

Mistakes were definitely made. The toys didn't function as they were supposed to. Their arms would wail, their heads would turn around in circles, they would walk backwards.

Oh, and sparks. There were definitely sparks.
(Sorry about my poor editing skills.)

After giving it a second look, I knew that robot building was the thing for me.

Yep. Definitely for me.

Hailee Truit