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And so, my BACC begins.

"If you were to see this planet, I know that you'd fall in love with it immediately. The grass is the greenest green I've ever seen. Definitely way greener than any grass I've seen before."

"Even though we are poor, we know that our lives are filled with gold. Strangers are kind, neighbors are your best friends, and your best friends are what completes your family."

Everyone is connected. You know your neighbor, you know your neighbor's neighbor, you know absolutely everyone somehow. I believe that's what completes this tiny town."

But is it the same now? Is it still beautiful, as it was nearly 50,000 years ago? Lorien. The planet Lorien was invaded by their neighboring planet, Mara Door. All of the planet's resources were taken, and put into the Mara Door's planet. 50,000 years later, the beauty is back, according to the surrounding satellites. Will it keep it's beauty? Will the new inhabitants share the same bond as the Loriens did 50,000 years ago? We'll just have to give it time, and see what happens.

The next part should be up within the next few hours, if not tomorrow.
I'm anxious to see this town progress.