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Barn : Intro

I moved the second family in today.
These two are yet to be married, but are very close. They plan to get married somewhere beautiful.
I realized that in my last post, I didn't say the town name. I named it Lorien. Based off of that book, I Am Number Four.
I just finished the book. And I loved it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.(;
Anywho, click that link below to continue on to the pictures! :DD

(AKA Jomi by lastj over at live-journal.)
Murray Barn.
Romance. Woo-Hoo with 20 Different Sims.
Likes Glasses and Gray Hair.
But not them witches.
He's mean, outgoing, neat, serious, and active.

His partner, Diego is nearly the opposite.
(By Me @ LJ)
Family. Marry off 6 Kids.
He likes his men to have black hair, and wear jewerly.
But when they wear swimsuits, he's going to walk away.
He's lazy, playful, sloppy, nice, and shy.

I need some help on the outsides of my houses. Y/Y?

The little T.V. corner.
Oh, and the walls aren't blue, they're actually purple.

I am a bit more satisfied with this kitchen.(:

The bedroom, not so much. By the time I got here, I lost inspiration. :/

So, I'll probably re-do it once I start rotations. (;

That's about it. Houses are starting small due to their lack of money.
There is a bathroom downstairs, connected to the kitchen.(:

Expect the first week of the Cook family up sometime this week.